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Laminating Pouches

We have a choice of standard gloss or matt laminating pouches for use with a pouch laminating machine, also self-seal pouches and other types of 'special' pouches. 

The 'weight' or 'thickness' of the pouch is measured in microns (one micron is one thousandth of a millimetre) and this is the measurement of the pouch before use, not the finished thickness. The most popular weights are 150 or 250 microns.  If you want a more flexible finish choose a lighter weight and conversely for a stronger, stiffer finish choose a heavier weight.

Gloss Pouches

  • Standard gloss, polyester laminating pouches with a traditional 'shiny' finish. 
  • If you're planning to use these pouches where there is light reflection, you may like to consider using matt pouches which have a less noticeable shine and offer a softer, flatter look and feel.

Matt Pouches

  • Matt pouches offer the same protection as standard gloss pouches they just have a different finish with less noticeable shine.  This makes them ideal for using in areas where there is light reflection or where you're just looking for a different finish.

Blackback Pouches

  • Standard gloss polyester pouches with a black backing. 

Stickyback Pouches

  • These laminating pouches have a peeable backing which, once the document has been laminated can be removed so that you can stick the document onto a wall, display etc.

Europunched Pouches

  • Europunched, gloss laminating pouches

Self-Seal Laminating Pouches

  • No need for a laminating machine, can easily be done manually.


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