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How to make desktop calendars


Desktop calendars are very handy for business or home offices and having a small calendar at hand will save time.  They look great, are inexpensive and really easy to make, so why not have a go?

You can design your calendar using various craft techniques or download photos to personalise the design.

If you'd like us to professionally print your desktop calendars, then please drop us an email at we'd be happy to provide a quote.


  1. Firstly, decide how you want your finished desktop calendar to look and order your CD calendar cases. 

Handypacks stock mini calendar cases, the larger CD calendar cases and the even bigger landscape calendar cases, so there’s plenty of choice.  It’s really easy to order, click here to read more.


  1. You’ll need to make the inserts for your calendar and can either design them yourself or download one of the many free calendar templates available on the internet.  Just make sure that the printed size of the inserts is slightly smaller than the internal dimensions of the calendar case, otherwise the print won't fit.


  1. Print out your calendar inserts.  For best results and a more professional look, it’s best to choose a card stock which isn’t too flimsy; we suggest a weight of 250gsm.


  1. Finally cut your calendar inserts to size and pop them in to the CD calendar case and you’re done!


Tips & Warnings

  • It’s not a good idea to use normal CD jewel cases as they will not bend back to support the calendar without breaking the hinge.